How to make money from Youtube views in 2023

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Are you struggling to find a well-organized site to buy YouTube views? As Youtube is becoming increasingly powerful with countless opportunities to make money from engagement. Youtube likes, watch hours, subscribers and comments, each of which plays a different crucial role in your YouTube career. For instance, Youtube views and Youtube subscribers are among the requirements to qualify for the Youtube Partner Program. So how do you make money with Youtube views and get a large number of viewers? We’ll help you understand everything you need to grow on Youtube in this guide.

How to buy youtube views

How to make more money from Youtube views 

Making money on Youtube has been proven to be highly profitable by aged Youtubers such as: T-Series, Dude Perfect, Ninja (Tyler Blevins), Jimmy Donaldson, etc. If you are new to Youtube, however, that might encounter some difficulties. Now you need to know how your channel qualifies for the YouTube Partner program requirements? and how to get paid by Youtube?

According to statistics from Influencer Marketing Hub, creators are able to get around $18 per view, as well as $180 per 1,000 views. However, the number of views is not proportional to the revenue you earn. Youtube’s income depends on views plus clicking on Ads. Let’s say your viewers don’t click on the ad, you won’t receive anything from the Youtube Partner program. 

To have a highly stable passive income source from Youtube, firstly, you are needed to reach 4000 watch hours as well as the large number of views per video. Here are some factors that can affect the number of monetized views on Youtube:

  • Niche
  • Value you offer to the audience; 
  • How well are your viewers enjoying your content, and
  • What’s the degree of interaction on your videos

In today’s digital market, finance and technology are often the most popular niches. When it comes to Youtube Partner Program, channels that create videos about finance and technology often earn more views or higher revenue than ones about comedy or gaming. In other words, RPM from financial and technological videos are better as advertisers find them to be more profitable than others.

As for other methods such as merchandise, affiliates, etc.  it depends on how good your selling capability is. Once you can successfully persuade or influence your viewers to purchase a specific product through your affiliate link, you stand to benefit financially.

Monetization methods on Youtube  

In fact, there are multiple people who have made themselves famous by creating content related to niches highly relevant to a huge audience such as: education, entertainment, review, etc. They also realize there are many opportunities to make money on Youtube. However, the core thing you need to know is combining diverse monetization methods and programs to maximize your revenue streams. Here are some main activities that are widely used on Youtube:

1. YouTube Partner Program 

Youtube’s most widely popular revenue stream is Youtube ads. This is considered a passive income source paid by Youtube, so anyone can register to join this program and fulfill the necessary registration steps:

(1): Go to the Youtube channel that you want to enable monetization, tap your profile icon and click Youtube Studio.

(2): At the Content section in the left menu, select the desired video and choose Monetization

(3): Determine the type of ads that you want to run => Click Save

Previously, you might already know the requirements for enabling monetization and available countries with YPP. That means you must reach at least 1,000 subs and 4,000 watch hours over the last year. As for Youtube shorts, you also need to reach 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days. Finally, you are required to create a Google Adsense account to get paid by Youtube or connect to the existing account to your channel. 

Currently, the Youtube ads program may be the fastest and most effective method of making money, but Google holds 45% share of ad revenue. Therefore, you can explore and experience more revenue streams as below.

2. Merchandise 

Merchandise is a form of selling different items to make money through a Youtube channel. There are various products you can offer for sale to generate income such as: T-shirts and Apparel, Mugs and Drinkware, Accessories, Digital products, etc. Merchandise gives users a significant potential on Youtube, especially for content creators with a loyal and engaged audience. It is an additional revenue stream for creators who consider Youtube as their main source of revenue. Followers are always looking to buy products and services from their favorite creators. Merchandise can strengthen a content creator’s brand identity and enhance recognition among audiences. Ultimately, merchandise helps  open up new collaboration opportunities and provide advantages that go beyond the money earned. 

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting another party’s products and services for a commission. Besides, video marketing can be more engaging and persuasive than other types of content, leading to being highly effective in presenting affiliated products or services. In the video, partnership details should be disclosed to viewers by the content creators. This is great if you promote or review products as part of the content of your Youtube channel. Also, there are hardly any risks involved in the growth of the channel and everything would start off smoothly. 

If you are an aged Youtuber, you might know about the Clickbank affiliate program. ClickBank is a large program and is embraced by Youtube. Accordingly, affiliates are offered a commission rate from 1% up to 90%, subject to the desire of the vendors.  Typically, affiliates create direct connections with brands in their niche to operate their own affiliate programs. This approach gives affiliates various options to explore and associate with brands that are highly relevant to their content and audience.

5. Invest in Influencers or become Influencers with Youtube views

Nowadays, investing in social influencers is no longer strange, especially those with a strong and loyal audience. It is a great opportunity to make money and build brand awareness through an influencer’s reputation. Once you become an influencer, you can earn at least $20 per video, and this number can increase to $20,000 if you gain 1,000,000 subscribers. However, this method requires you to have a loyal fan base and is based on what you offer to the brand. Brands will invest in you to promote their brands if they see your content as relevant to their niche. The key is to always keep your content transparent and honest with your audience.

Additionally, to become an influencer in no time, there is no other way than getting high engagement rates. If your channel is currently experiencing a low engagement rate, you can then contact us to buy Youtube views and subscribers that take your channel to get noticed by brands. 

There will be a slight change in 2023, Youtube pays more for views from major countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Then the SMM panel is the best choice for you to reach views from different countries at a cheap price. If you identify the right audience for your content, you’ll likely attract more quality views among the 2.7 billion monthly users.

How to buy quality Youtube views? 

For guaranteeing your channel growth through genuine views, it is necessary to well understand features of a dependable SMM panel. Here are the criteria that a quality SMM panel should meet:

  • Natural delivery time

If the delivery time is so quick, that leads to low quality of interaction. With the SolidSMM panel, your views will be added gradually but not exceed the due date which is already notified to the clients. That way, your views appear naturally and authentically. 

  • Testimonials from clients 

Normally, reputable websites often publish any feedback from clients who have been using the service. You can find its feedback at the bottom of the homepage. The testimonials also allow other clients to see more clearly about their needs and how the panel can meet them.

  • Refill guarantee 

This ensures that clients can maintain their paid views as well as their credibility and visibility on YouTube. Despite natural fluctuations in YouTube’s algorithm, your video view count remains stable.

  • Good customer support

This aspect is considered indispensable when buying Youtube views or any online service. Customer support is designed to address questions, concerns, and handle problems that may arise during or after a transaction, especially knowledgeable customer support can provide timely solutions. In the world of online marketing, customer support that is efficient makes differences than the other SMM panel and leads to higher retention rate. 

Additionally, there are certain responsibilities that you should not ignore. Uploading videos consistently is always necessary before, during and after purchasing the service. Quality content or videos along with paid authentic views allows you to get more organic views and subs. That way, you have potential to improve the channel’s performance and obtain a more natural growth. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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