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Since the rise of e-commerce, site traffic metrics is considered the only and most important means to determine the ranking and popularity of a website. Website traffic involves the number of users accessing a specific site. It is often referred to as clicks or visits, and is a measure of a business’s effectiveness in engaging its audience. For your website to reach a higher rank, it is required to have a huge audience or a large volume of targeted visits. In this article we will show you how to buy website traffic that gets your site reach the right audience and improve your position on Google. Now let’s take a look at the first sections to get a better understanding of website traffic.

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Overview of website traffic 

Web traffic refers to the number of visitors to your website directly or through advertising. Website traffic is what determines how successful your website is in generating leads and revenue. However, high quality is essential in any job, and so does SEO work. The more quality traffic you get, the more reliable your site becomes. If you want to take advantage of your website as a tool to generate prospects, it is necessary to master the traffic sources below: 

  • Organic traffic: visitors find your website through keyword searches, not from paid advertising. 
  • Direct traffic: visitors directly enter the page’s url on their browser.
  • Referral links: traffic originates from which users click on your site found on other sites.
  • Paid Traffic: refers to traffic from paid advertising or PPC, social media advertising, display advertising, etc.
  • Social media: posts with your link attached on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • Email marketing campaign: users click on a link in an email that navigates to your website.

The individual traffic source delivers different results and performance. However, all natural traffic sources such as: organic traffic, direct source, referral, social media, etc. all come from the user experience while accessing your site. Below are factors to evaluate user behavior as well as how it affects your ranking on Google.

How website traffic impacts SEO ranking

how SEO traffic impacts Google ranking - buy website traffic

Digital marketers strive to rank on the first page or high in search results. As a site is displayed on the first page, that makes it easier for users to find your site and click on it to learn more. This not only increases brand visibility but also improves conversion rates and boosts sales. Obtaining a large amount of quality traffic makes your site appear higher on Google. Let’s take a look at some factors to affect your rank: 

1. User’s behaviors on a site

That is nothing changed if there is a huge amount of traffic but every user does not stay more than a few seconds. Remarkable traffic refers to visitors taking specific actions and searching for the information they need. When a website is really useful, users can take specific user actions or stay there for a long time to fill out a subscription form or make a purchase or do anything else needed. Accordingly, Google receives a signal that the site has been meeting the needs of multiple users. Then, improved rankings in search engines as well as higher position on Google is the result of making your customers and clients satisfied. 

2. Time a user stays on a website/per visit

The more time visitors spend surfing your site, the more valuable your site is in the eyes of Google. Users may stay longer if they find what suits their needs. The key is that your sites should include good SEO factors such as relevant keywords, highly relevant content, eye-catching interface, etc. It is also necessary to use marketing tools such as pictures or advertising video to attract users’ attention.

3. Number of pages that visitors access per session

Normally, Google often checks to see if visitors explore multiple internal pages or just leave after viewing the initial page. At this point, visitors navigate the website and search for information on various internal sites. Clicking on multiple pages indicates interest in your content and a higher level of engagement. This is a positive signal to both Google and you as a website owner. Hence, the number of pages visited directly affects your ranking on Google. If visitors only browse the original page for a few seconds or have low time per session then your website, users may be experiencing the presence of excessive or annoying ads or your site is not meeting the needs of the customer fully. That also means your site navigation is confusing and leads to lower your ranks in search results.

4. Bounce rate 

High bounce rate involves low quality of a site when users leave it immediately after visiting. Hence, websites with a long history of users staying on the site often rank high on Google or in search engines. If the majority of visitors are out after a few seconds, this could harm your rankings.

5. Number of referring domains

One of the factors that affect website ranking is the number of referring domains. It’s great when your site is referenced in multiple different sources. Generally, your links are attached to your partner’s articles or online directories. Besides, each referring domain is associated with one or more IP addresses. Sharing your links widely with the public from various IP addresses can significantly improve your rankings on Google and benefit your site’s SEO. 

6. Backlinks

Backlinks are a great tool for search engine optimization (SEO) and play an important role in determining a website’s credibility and ranking on search engines. They are links that drive traffic to your website. These links also appear in blog posts or social platforms. Backlinking is essentially a recognition of the quality and usefulness of your content by others. The more high-quality backlinks you have from reputable sources, the more likely it is to positively influence your website’s rating on search engine result pages. 

Finally, it is important to ensure visitors do not leave your site immediately or reach quality traffic with a low bounce rate. Google ’ll tend to rank your site higher in the SERP when it is signaled that you have a large volume of high-quality traffic. If you are new to doing online business, it takes a lot of effort to build a high visibility for the website. Running an online business through a website might be challenging when there aren’t multiple visitors at the beginning. Standing ahead of the other competitors seems difficult when the business does not have much budget for PPC. On that basis, SMM panels are designed to provide you with high quality traffic from multiple sources and countries at a cheap price. By buying website traffic, you can obtain visitors that meet the standard criteria to get found by Google without breaking the bank. 

How to buy SEO traffic

(1) Choose targeted country and traffic source 

It is crucial to determine the right audience and target countries prior to buy Website traffic. Let’s think about your expectations with increased traffic. In which city or country is your target audience located? Keywords they’re apt to employ when searching for your business in organic search, social media sites frequented by potential audiences and how many people among them click on your sites directly. 

(2) Buy website traffic on a monthly basis

The best way to have a stable traffic amount is to buy website traffic on a monthly basis. This method ensures a continuous flow of traffic without sudden stops. When you review your monthly reports, you can evaluate whether any adjustments are needed and make appropriate changes.

(3) Adjust a budget reasonably 

The budget for buying SEO traffic will often be different subject to objectives and needs of the individual business. However, SolidSMM offers a wide variety of options at a cheap price that both suit major businesses and new businesses. The higher the traffic quality, the higher the price will be but it is insignificant compared to paid traffic from PPC. In addition, measuring effectiveness after each traffic purchase matters and allows you to better understand the traffic source you choose. Once you realize that SolidSMM provides quality traffic sources, you can increase your budget for the higher engagement and getting noticed by Google in no time. 

When it comes to traffic service from SolidSMM, the panel provides you with the targeted traffic source and type of traffic as per your needs. SolidSMM owns a large amount of customer data from major countries around the world: Canada, France, Germany, US, UK, etc. You can also choose the type of traffic from different devices such as: desktop, mobile, iphone 14, etc. Additionally, traffic sources are diverse and optional according to your needs, such as social media sources, Google, Reddit, etc. More importantly, your personal information is always secure and confidential with secured payment methods.

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