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Facebook comment, is it worth it?

Facebook comments are responses to any other content shared on Facebook. Comments allow users to engage with the content and share their opinions, feedback, or reactions with the sellers and other creators. In addition, comments may provide valuable feedback and insights that help you improve products and services. it is one of the most important engagement metrics on Facebook, because it shows consumer's interest in your products and services. The more comments you have, the more valuable your content or product will be. This is the best way to increase organic followers and make your profile spread across Facebook. 

What can you expect from buying Facebook comments?

Firstly, having a large number of comments on Facebook is a sign of the success of your marketing campaign, which helps increase brand awareness and credibility for your content. Accordingly, it helps to attract more people to the post and increase organic engagement. Once you succeed in building a strong reputation on the platform, you are able to generate more leads and convert them into money. Notably, the quality of comments is more important than the quantity. By increasing high-quality comments from SolidSMM, you can get much of the value that a large number of comments bring.

buy facebook comments

Why choose SolidSMM to buy Facebook comments?

Credibility and Fast

Your orders will be processed as soon as you complete your payment. We make sure to provide you with right services for the expected time.


The profiles that are used to increase engagement are among our best. So we make sure to add quality interactions and non-drop guarantee.

Refund guarantee

We are committed to refunding your SolidSMM wallet if we cannot complete the service as expected.

24/7 Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to confirm your orders and solve your issues ASAP. 

Secure payment

SolidSMM provides safe and secure payment methods. Also, your personal information is kept confidential at all times.

Competitive price

SolidSMM always strives to keep our clients satisfied at competitive prices. In addition, we offer a variety of packages so that you can easily choose but fit your budget. 

How does SolidSMM works?

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How to get more facebook likes and comments?

Video marketing: Video is the most powerful marketing tool you should use to boost likes and comments. Take advantage of Facebook features like Live and Reels to quickly get your message across to your audience and drive sales. Also, you can use questions to get viewers to comment on your posts. Hence, adding more values through your content is the first key to success. In addition, adding relevant hashtags makes your content more visible and reaches a wider audience.

Interact with your audience: Build strong relationships with your audience by regularly replying to comments and happily receiving their valuable feedback. This way helps you get more organic engagement, especially followers and views.

Promotions: Creating promotions encourages users to like and comment on your posts and increase overall engagement. Also, this is one of the effective ways to increase retention rate and boost sales.

Buying Facebook comments with SolidSMM: Thousands of real interactions right from the start is great social proof that helps you attract new audiences and become famous. Join Solid SMM to get comments Facebook and attract a new audience. 

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Who sees facebook marketplace buyer comments?

The comments made by buyers on Facebook Marketplace may be shown to the seller. In addition, other potential buyers interested in the same item can also see reviews of other buyers. However, Facebook Marketplace does not let buyers see each other's personal information, such as their full names or contact. Only sellers can see the personal information of potential buyers who have made an offer or commented on their listing.

Can I buy custom comments?

Absolutely, SolidSMM provides you the option to add comments as you desire. We keep you satisfied and give you comments of real users according to the content you choose. With our real facebook comments, marketers have the opportunity to optimize their strategies, improve overall engagement and ultimately enjoy conversion rate. 

It is illegal to purchase Facebook likes and comments?

Absolutely, that does not go against Facebook’s terms and services as long as you choose a reputable SMM panel that provides Facebook likes and comments from real users.

Where to buy usa facebook comments?

With SolidSMM panel, businesses and individuals have the opportunity to manage social media campaigns across multiple platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and more. The panel provides genuine comments in various countries, especially the US. We are proud that SolidSMM is the key to success for you and for those who want to skip the early stages of branding. By getting thousands of USA facebook comments from us, you have the opportunity to build credibility and gain a competitive advantage in the US market. 

How can I minimize negative comments?

The best way is to face those reviews and respond to comments. Responding to comments helps improve relationships with those who make negative comments. Also, getting more reviews at SolidSMM will help you regain your honor and attract a new audience.

How many comments do I need for my business?

It completely depends on your needs. The more comments you have on the facebook marketplace, the higher your conversion rate.

Buying Facebook Comments is safe?

Absolutely, as long as you find a well-established SMM panel that provides genuine comments. SolidSMM uses legitimate profiles to boost comments for your content. Then you will be able to build a crowded community around your content and improve the brand's credibility. 

How long do comments take to arrive?

After confirming your payment, your order will be processed within an expected time but no more than 24 hours. 

Is there any trial for buying Facebook comments?

Unfortunately, we don't offer a trial package yet. You can try the lowest package to experience our service.