How does Instagram algorithm work & The best way to get Instagram Followers?

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Although Instagram is not an aged platform as Facebook or Youtube, it has a lot of potential for your campaign to enhance your social presence. Instagram’s mission is not to entertain or connect the community like some platforms, Instagram exists to make money from advertising and add more value to businesses. The longer you stay on Instagram, the more money you make. Whether you are a business owner or desire to become an influencer, you can get achievements with the right strategy. Besides, with the continuous development of digital platforms, many great solutions are also established to get you to have instant recognition on social networks including SMM panels. In this guide, we’ll dig into how Instagram algorithm works and what you should do to boost your content’s visibility and get Instagram followers. 

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How does the Instagram algorithm work? 

The algorithm refers to your rank of the content shown on users’ feed or Explore Page. However, unlike the other platforms, Instagram has multiple algorithms that work together to analyze user behavior and personalize the content on feeds. That way, Instagram shows a deep interest in users and displaying content on feeds based on their preference or visit history.  

5 Factors directly affect Instagram algorithms 

You may already know the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing with the use of technology to specify the order of content displayed in Instagram users’ feeds. The order in which your photos and videos are displayed in feeds will be based on how likely you view the content, your interaction history and timeliness. Here are a few factors that strongly influence the performance of an algorithm: 

  • Interaction history or relevance

Instagram often checks your most recent activity to gauge interest and content that resonates with you best. Just like if you regularly engage with food, tutorials, or educational content, posts or videos related to the fields will show up higher in your feeds. Even content that has little interaction but is highly relevant to you, then likely it will appear on your timeline. 

  • Timeliness

Instagram will display content depending on the time of your visit. Posts displayed on feeds often have a posting time that coincides with the time you visit most often and most recently, especially if you have followed that account.  Also, if you are online on Instagram all day, you can see the algorithm prioritizes showing the most relevant posts of that day. 

  • Relationship or Interest

In general, Instagram will also be interested in your relationship or your friends. Once you search for any profile and frequently interact with that account, their posts will immediately appear in your feeds.

  • Preference

The fact that you regularly watch videos or reels is also a signal to the algorithm. Then, the algorithm also prioritizes displaying videos more than other patterns in your feeds or Explore Page.

  • Number of followers

The algorithm also pays attention to the number of followers that the user follows. If you follow a lot of users, it will be hard for the algorithm to determine which content you are most interested in. And conversely, accounts with fewer followers will be easier for the algorithm. 

Why do algorithms add value to your marketing campaign?

The above factors make the algorithm work more efficiently than you think. This difference from other platforms is actually great for users and marketers alike. Obviously, this is a win-win situation in favor of users and brand accounts. So the ranked feed increases the likelihood of your content reaching a highly relevant audience or gaining more leads. This reach also leads to higher engagement and conversions. 

The way the algorithm works also directly affects the visibility of your content. As long as your marketing content is relevant to users and generates a high engagement rate, it is more likely to appear on the feeds or Explore Page. In addition, a high engagement rate is also a sign that your content is valuable and worth seeing. It also means you bring value to Instagram and give users a reason to stay on the platform longer. That helps your reach as Instagram will show your content to a wider audience. Along with the valuable data and insights that Instagram provides, you have the potential to optimize your campaigns and get Instagram followers

How can you make the algorithms work for you and get Instagram followers?

  • Choose the right time to post

You are probably surprised to have to look at the most relevant time to users or their online time. That way; however, you are able to maximize your reach and get a higher conversion rate. Especially for audiences with large followings, picking the best time to post increases the likelihood of your content being seen and engaged with by your audience. 

  • Engaging content with encouragement

Asking questions relevant to your audience will become the focus of the conversation and lead to more interactions. It encourages users to reply or interact with your posts. Just views for your content are not enough, likes, shares, comments and saves matter more and boost your visibility significantly. Then replying comments ASAP indicates your respect to the audience and helps build a loyal fan base. In the long run, this also helps to get Instagram followers organically. 

  • Reels and Stories

Diversifying types of content helps attract the attention of viewers better than just traditional posts. With a platform investing in photo quality, combination of IG stories and reels gives a significant change in the algorithms. By keeping up with trends,  it encourages users to engage with your content such as swiping up, comments, hearts or taking specific actions. Hence, stories and reels are great to help you express your brand’s personality and creativity instantly. 

  • Get Instagram followers

Although the algorithm works mainly on the interests of the user, the number of followers indirectly governs the behavior of the algorithm. With more followers, your profile becomes engaging and more likely to gain more engagement. Meanwhile, Instagram algorithms consider engagement signals such as likes, comments, and shares when determining the relevance and quality of content. That way, your content will appear on feeds and lead to more exposure. Also, a large number of followers make your profile become more engaging and expands your reach. When it comes to partnership, you have a chance to earn more attraction from investors or ad brands. 

In sum, if you focus on building a strong community on Instagram and creating engaging content, then no need to care about any updates or algorithms. In other words, when you make good use of the above tactics, you can already provide your audience with transparency and authenticity. Authenticity is a large number of legitimate followers shown on the profile, while transparency is the value brought to your fan and potential audience. Get the most of the above keys to stay ahead of the others! 

How can you get Instagram followers instantly? 

Get Instagram followers with SMM panel

While you are beating Instagram algorithms, you are able to get more Instagram followers. However, to get a boost and build a strong community on Instagram from the beginning, SMM panel provides you with a huge number of engagement and followers. Let’s say you already have a complete bio including relevant keywords and hashtags. Your content is also quality with high-resolution images and compelling captions. Then once you buy Instagram followers, you have potential to gain popularity and make change to the algorithms faster than growing organically. SMM panel is one of the most effective marketing solutions that allows you to minimize time and effort, especially when you choose a reputable and well-established site to stick with. SolidSMM panel has been working hard to provide the best value to our customers on a smoothly and fastly basis. Once you get Instagram followers from us, you can understand why the SMM panel is so important to your marketing strategy. Let’s update your profile with thousands of bona fine followers at SolidSMM panel TODAY!

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